Thursday, October 17, 2013

Heading South! (poco a poco)

Wye River, Thursday, October 17

Yesterday morning we dropped our mooring pennant, motored over to the fuel dock to fill our fuel and water tanks, and headed out of Back Creek for good--or at least until next year (knock on wood). All the little projects which seemed to be threatening to keep us in Annapolis forever were finally completed. The part for the fuel gauge which had been misrouted to Shanghai had arrived and been installed. The plow anchor had been swapped out for a Manson Supreme. And two big ones to add to our creature comforts. While we were waiting for parts to arrive, we endured three days of the miserable cold and rainy weather, which prompted us to ask Ted to show us how the diesel stove worked. Of course, none of the original equipment on Bel Canto initially works quite the way it is supposed to. Ted decided that the electric fuel pump for the stove needed to be replaced.  After Jim bought the pump, we discovered that we needed a pressure reducing regulator (we sure could have used one of these last summer!), so that held us up another day. But Ted got it all hooked up, and now we are set to be warm and comfy no matter the weather. And the second big one. After disassembling and rebuilding, with Ted's help, the hand pump for the manual head (that's the toilet, if you don't already know), Jim gave Angie the gift of a brand new one. If you've only used a modern flush toilet all of your life, you probably can't imagine why Angie was so thrilled with a new pump for the toilet. Now we can flush with confidence.

So now we are anchored in Dividing Creek, on the East Wye River, Eastern Shore of Maryland. We are only about 25 miles from Annapolis, but it is a different world. As we came into the anchorage we were greeted by several great blue herons along the shore line and eagles soaring overhead. This morning flocks of geese, gathering for their flight south along the eastern flyway, lined the shore. We are the only boat in this small tree lined anchorage which could only be more beautiful if the trees, which are just starting to turn, were in full color.

Angie: This is what I dreamed of! Anchored in a beautiful, peaceful spot, the only boat in the anchorage. I remember the good times we had when we sailed Escapade in the North Channel of Lake Huron, the rocky coasts of  Maine and the colorful waters of the Bahamas, and I longed to do it again. My dream has come true.  There is little wind, a mist crawls across the water, and a bald eagle stands guard over us. What a magnificent bird. On the shore a great blue heron perches on a log just enjoying the peacefulness of the morning. The sun peeks out through the clouds, evaporating the water droplets on our cockpit cushions and dinghy. In my mind I am photographing all these visions, but in reality, I am just happy to be in such a beautiful place.

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