Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hurrah for the Chesapeake!

Deltaville, Virginia, The Wicomico River, Mill Creek at Solomons, Maryland. All quiet, scenic anchorages, and the best part about it is that they are all in Chesapeake Bay. Trying to do as much sailing as we can, but the wind doesn’t always cooperate. We chose to motor into a stiff north wind and choppy seas yesterday in order to spend a day in La Trappe Creek, one of the prettiest spots we have seen.  We’re getting a lot of practice in putting up the sails and taking them down. We don’t mind. We’re just happy that we’re in deep water a lot of the time and we don’t have to duck under bridges

We always laugh when we see a bridge. Wonder how much clearance there is on that bridge. Do you think we can make it? Get the binocs and read the gauge. There isn’t any gauge. Look at the nav markers. Where is the water level on them? Are we on a rising tide or a falling tide? What’s the current doing? Is it flood tide or an ebb tide? Was there a full moon? Hug the red marker in this spot. Don’t hug the green marker. Take the outside of the curve.  Yikes! This was our normal conversation on the waterway everyday for several months. This doesn’t include all the studying we had to do before we even started navigating each day. Then we would see dolphins and we knew everything was going to be ok.
Farm on La Trappe Creek

So here we are in the paradise we imagined we would find in the Bahamas or the Caribbean. It is 80 degrees and the water is warm, so when we are done with the blog we will probably go for a swim. That will be a first. Last evening we were the only boat here, though a couple of boats joined us later, so quietly that we didn’t know they were there, and two families in runabouts came in today to enjoy the little beach. But what did we expect? It is a weekend, after all.

We plan to spend two or three more weeks hanging out on the Eastern Shore and touching base in Annapolis. Then we will put Bel Canto on a mooring and come to Ann Arbor to spend the hot months (in the Chesapeake) catching up with friends and family and reacquainting ourselves with our house. And then back to the Chesapeake and Bel Canto in the fall.

The Sentinel

Water Music

Angie at La Trappe Creek
La Trappe Creek

Just another Bel Canto sunset

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  1. Exciting! You made it down and back! Welcome to the Chesapeake. We will be in DC June 14 - 19, coming back for one of our grand son's graduation. Would love to see you. Call us if you have a little time. We have lots going on but me might make something work. 734-645-4438. George and Cindy