Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Sigh of Relief

Beaufort, NC
May 24, 2014

The Waterfront at Swansboro
We have reached Beaufort, NC, (bow-fort, as opposed to bew-fert where we spent so much time this winter), and I say this with a bit of trepidation because you never know what the gods have in store for you, but we feel like we are done with the worst part of the ICW. We spent the last two nights in the village of Swansboro, gathering our courage for the transit through Bogue Sound. Many "thin spots" in the water and one serious grounding just before reaching Mile Hammock Bay on the Camp LeJeune Marine Corps base, our intermediate stop between Southport and Swansboro, had rattled the skipper's nerves, so we took a day off to do some boat maintenance and explore the village.

Bogue  sound is a wide body of very shallow water with a very narrow channel through it and a couple of shoaling areas. A cross wind had the skipper a little nervous about the 20 mile transit, but we made it through without incident, with Captain Braveheart doing much of the steering. So now we are anchored in Town Creek Marina, looking forward to a good dinner at the Aqua restaurant and a quiet night on the hook.

                                    These guys have saved our behinds a couple of times.

Swansboro offers quite a few opportunities for "quaint" photos.


Muscovy Ducks are the town mascots. They wander the streets freely.

Yana's is a popular breakfast and lunch spot.
Fresh, locally caught grouper for dinner!

This is NOT us!

Discarded Crab Pots


  1. Let's see if the site is letting us post a comment! I confess that when I first read the title of this entry, my thought was, "They sold their boat!" But no, I was projecting myself into your situation, and I apparently lack your sense of adventure. My favorite photo here: the crab pots. When will you hit Ann Arbor? Of course, you don't know - it's not a trip with a lot of scheduling involved.

  2. Your photos continue to amaze me. I look at them, and KNOW I've been to those same places on the ICW, yet through your eyes I see things I haven't seen before. :)

  3. Hi friends ! Que envidia les tengo, de verdad (I don't know how say in english, jejeje). I wish I were there , with you catching all the precious moments, spaces, details. I hope see you soon Angie and Jim, I miss you !!